Freelance/Sole traders

You can also register with Equi-Jobs if you’re a freelancer.
How does it work?
As a freelancer or a sole trader, you will get contracted by your place of work, not by Equi-Jobs. We’d be delighted to present you through our various networks and are here to help you negotiate commissions. Additionally, you can turn to us for advice pertaining to for instance the Dutch Deregulation Assessment Labor Relations Act (wet DBA), tax returns, administration and invoicing. We’d be glad to help. This way, you can do what you excel at and we support you wherever necessary.
As your availablitly will be notably present on our website, businesses can contact us and request your information.
When you assume work through our mediation, we will send you an invoice. Any arrangements you make with your clients are solely handled by you and them. We agree on a custom fee for our services on forehand.
Simple, effective and transparant!
Contact us for any questions or a quote for our service. We’d love to hear from you!