Membership candidates

Searching for your dream job?

Would you like to be presented, but without having your personal contact information listed?

This is possible with the new Equi-Jobs match-tool.

When we’ve received your information we will contact you in order to discuss your wishes. During this intake we will discuss your working experience, past, availability and we’ll make a shortlist of businesses and roles that would suit you best.

Next, we will create your online profile and publish this online. Your contact information will remain undisclosed at Equi-Jobs. When a company indicates interest in your full CV with a view on determining whether you are a match for one of the vacancies, we will naturally discuss this with you.

For this full registration including intake and recruitment services often resulting in securing the right job for you we charge only €10.-*

*) After payment, your online profile will go live.

We keep your profile online for a maximum of 6 months, on the assumption you will have found your job in this period.