You can outsource your entire Payroll staff or individual staff member to us. This means that not your business, but Equi-Jobs will be the employer from a legal and financial administration point of view. And Equi-Jobs will take all responsibilities and execute all required tasks accordingly.
                                       *Payrolling is only possible for Dutch registered companies*

Flexible through Payroll

Through the many possibilities which payroll services offer, you will be considerably more flexible compared to the regular employment chain.


With our payroll services you will only pay for the hours the employee actually works. Sick leave and holidays won’t be invoiced. You will also enjoy flexibility in the number of employment contracts you can successively sign with your staff, in contradiction to the amount of contract you could engage with if your staff would be on your payroll.
Generally speaking, in the Netherlands, you can only establish a maximum of 3 contracts with a maximum cumulative duration of 2 years.
With Equi-Jobs, this flexible period is extended to 5.5 years before the employee will have to be transferred to a more permanent form of employment contract.

Fixed conversion factor
We use a fixed conversion factor, ensuring that your expenses are always transparent to you. We won’t send you additional invoices afterward for holidaying and holiday pay for instance.

No risk
You won’t run any risks related to employment laws. Not your business, but Equi-Jobs is the employer in a legal sense and will take all responsibilities accordingly. This relieves you of obligations to continue wages during sick leave or work disability.

Less paperwork
With temporary employment we will take care of all staff administration matters. Salary processing, issueing salary specifications, remittance of wage premiums and employers’ costs and processing sickness and recovery notifications will all resort under our responsibilites. You will therefore save out on accountant’s fees.

Contracting by ABU collective labour argeement
We are governed by the ABU collective labour agreement, because it meets the flexible work act entirely. This means you will enjoy flexibitly and your employee solid terms of employment.
Advantages for your employees
Your employees will receive their due wages weekly, are automatically insured for Dutch WW, ZW and WIA, and after 26 weeks they will roll on into a pension plan. Besides those benefits, they will also automatically build up a reservation of 25 days off a year, 8% holiday pay and entitlement to transition compensation.

Online employee registration system

Either you or your employers submit hours worked on our secure online platform. After the hours entered are approved by you, they are forwarded to our back-office and we’ll proceed with salary processing and invoicing.

Our back-office Payrollplaats is NEN 4400-1 certified and published in the register of certified organisations. Visit www.normeringarbeid.nl for more information.

Outsource your salary administration and payment processing to your staff to Equi-Jobs. Besides convenience and time, there are financial benefits to this as well!

How does it work?

1: Register your employee with Equi-Jobs
Registering your employee(s) for payroll services is very easy. Simply drop us an email at info@equi-jobs.nl , requesting the candidate be registered for payroll services. We will give you call in order to go through the details.
Upon receival of the information about the candidate, we will draft the labour contract. Naturally we will always phone your newly found employee(s) in order to explain them the procedure and answer any questions they might have.

Your employee puts in working hours
Under your supervision the employee will start employment. Of course you decide which tasks the employee may execute.

3: Submit working hours in online registration
For registration and approval of working hours you can use our online hour registration platform. It’s up to you whether the employee or you submits hours in the system and whether he or she approves themselves or whether you do so. After registration with our online platform you and your employee will receive logins by email.

4: Equi-Jobs invoices the working hours to you
Zodra de ingevoerde uren door u zijn geaccordeerd komen ze binnen in onze Backoffice en maken wij de factuur voor u gereed. U betaalt altijd een vaste omrekenfactor over alleen de gewerkte uren. Hierdoor zijn uw kosten vooraf altijd overzichtelijk, betaalt u niet door bij ziekte en kunt u uw medewerker flexibel inplannen.   

5: You fulfill the invoice
You can choose to pay our invoice up front or after we have transferred the wages to your employee. We work with two different tariffs for these constructions. Our fee is always custom, tailored to the amount of employees you’ll put on our payroll and payment terms.

6: Employee receives wage specification
We process our wages payments in a batch and as soon that batch has run, your employee will be sent a wages specification by email. Your employee will also have access all of their payment slips in our online hour registration platform.

7: Equi-Jobs transfers the due wages to the employee(s)
Payment of wages can happen weekly, every four weeks or every month. Weekly payments take place on the Thursday in the week after the employee performed the labour for those hours. Payment in every four weeks takes place on the first Thursday after the four-weekly cycle was completed. Monthly payments happen on the 27th of the month.
With Equi-Jobs you’ll only pay for working hours!
With Equi-Jobs you will only pay for the hours in which the employee actually worked. Sick leave, holidaying and holiday pay won’t be invoiced to you. All collective labour agreement elements such as reservations, holiday pay, days off, holidays, absence due to special circumstances, employer’s premiums, sick leave, legal counsel, pension plan, transition compensation and all the others are covered within our fee.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!