Publish job openings

Every job opening in the equestrian sector is welcomed on our website. Equi-Jobs is specialised in this sector, which makes our website the perfect platform for your job opening.
You can publish your job opening through our self-service. We offer memberships for 3, 6 and 12 months, during which you can publish an unlimited amount of job openings. All you have to do is create an account, select the membership that suits your needs best, select a payment option and once the funds are transferred, you can log in and enter your job opening.
After a check and review your job opening will be published online. We will then promote and share your job opening on our social media. Candidates will be able to react by phone or email. All applications shall be forwarded for your review promptly and diligently
You’re entirely free to select any suitable candidates and arrange for job interviews yourself. Once the opening is filled you can choose to put the employee on your own payroll or leave the payrolling to us. (Payrolling is only possible for Dutch registered companies.)

Should you choose to let Equi-Jobs actively fill in your opening, our regular fees will apply and the cost of the membership will be refunded. Prizes are custom made depending on your vacancy and difficulty off the procedure. Please e-mail us for more information. info@equi-jobs.nl