Recruitment and selection

Recruitment and selection is when you simply outsource the entire job application process to Equi-Jobs right up until the point where you contract the candidate of your choosing yourself. You could opt for this procedure in case you, for instance, don’t have the time to draft up and publish the vacancy, reply to inquiries by candidates, answer the many emails flooding your inbox and sift through all the applications in order to find suitable candidates.
Contract Equi-Jobs for the recruitment of your employee! For this service we charge you a previously agreed Recruitment & Selection fee. In case a suitable candidate is not recruited and the job opening left unfulfilled, you would only pay 25% of this fee by means of coverage for expenses and working hours at Equi-Jobs.

How does our recruitment and selection procedure work?

1: Send us your job opening
We will publish your job opening on our website free of charge and we’ll also share it on our social media. We pay a great deal of attention to the layout and text of your job vacancy to make it stand out and will receive maximum exposure.

2: Selecting the right candidate
We select candidates from a wide range of sources. Of course, we always start with our own candidates as they have registered themselves with Equi-Jobs.. Secondly, we’ll process every reaction your vacancy gets and select suitable candidates from those. Additionally, we will recruit in our extensive equestrian network. Our intake interviews are thorough, with the intention to introduce you the RIGHT candidate for the job opening swiftly. We work towards the same goal for our applicants by the way; we always endeavour to find them employment that suits them best!

3 We introduce you to our candidates
We present our selected candidates to you and then schedule the job interviews in close collaboration with you. Should there be a sizeable turnout on the vacancy, we leave it entirely up to you how many job interviews you would like to conduct. Should no suitable candidate surface after those interviews, there is always the possibility of making a new selection out of the submitted application. Restarting the entire recruitment & selection procedure is most definitely an option as well
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